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defense security products and services

We provide consulting services in the field of defense, security and training solutions to serve: Governments, Military Entities, Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies.


We operate in many parts of the world through our company representatives and/or our partners to cater to our clients' specific needs.

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 Military Vehicles

We supply numerous types of vehicles, new and/or used for military, law enforcement and VIP transportation.

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Security Camera

Intelligence & Security

We provide a wide array of border security management systems and a variety of surveillance and observation equipment and software.

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Air Force & Navy

We provide spare parts & maintenance programs for a number of aircraft models; as well as solutions and equipment for the Navy.

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Rifle Bullets

Arms and Ammunition

We offer a variety of small arms and ammunition from pistols, shot guns to machine guns, handheld grenade launchers, ...

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Army Boots

Tactical Gear

We offer a wide range of tactical equipment and clothing including nightvision, body armor, hydration packs, shirts, vests...

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Monitoring Room

Training & Project Management

We customize specific training programs to suit our client needs. Our trainers are world class experts in their specific field.

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We work with internationally renowned companies as partners to ensure offering the best products and services to our clients

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